Pathways to Careers
Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) is a network of consultants that provide training and technical assistance to systems, agencies and families interested in ensuring the complete community participation of people with significant disabilities. MG&A consultants provide training and technical assistance to the Pathways to Careers staff.
Mathematica Policy Research is an employee-owned company that has designed and evaluated social welfare programs under contracts with government agencies and foundations since 1968. Mathematica is also conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Pathways. More information on the evaluation activities can be found on Mathematica’s website.

Mathematica Policy Research evaluates Pathways activities for the original Pathways sites in Utah, Massachusetts, Virginia and Michigan. As the Pathways to Careers initiative has expanded, other sites, including in Utah, have been added to the list of those being evaluated. Among the goals: to understand the extent to which the Pathways activities are likely to be sustainable, replicable and if employment outcomes result in savings to state and federal programs. Thus far, findings are positive. 
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