Pathways to Careers
Organizations that work with people with disabilities play an integral role in the Pathways to Careers initiative. Pathways sites are located in Utah, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia. Nonprofit organizations currently partnering with SourceAmerica on the Pathways initiative include:

Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC)

The Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center is a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) administered by Davis School District in Clearfield, Utah. PARC provides services to people with disabilities along the Wasatch Front. PARC participants are served based on their personal needs and decisions. Individual support strategies are developed cooperatively with the individual, his/her guardian and professional staff. The programs at PARC are specifically designed to help the people with disabilities who cannot obtain training and employment on their own. PARC was the first Pathways to Careers site.

Work Inc.

WORK Inc. provides a wide range of services for the community, and they can accommodate the needs of anyone who requires employment services, housing or day habilitation. For more than 45 years, they have been at the forefront of vocational services for individuals with disabilities; it is their mission to join with others in creating conditions under which all persons with disabilities can thrive.

JVS Detroit

JVS helps people meet life challenges affecting their self-sufficiency through counseling, training and support services in accordance with Jewish values of equal opportunity, compassion, responsibility and the steadfast belief that the best way to help people is to make it possible for them to help themselves.


ServiceSource is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to deliver exceptional services to individuals with disabilities through innovative and valued employment, training, habilitation, housing and support services. They also offer a wide range of contract services for government and commercial customers.


EnableUtah is a nonprofit organization in Ogden, Utah that helps people with disabilities and special needs find meaningful community employment. They believe in making work approachable to everyone regardless of their disability. EnableUtah offers programs customized for each of the 200+ individuals they work with. They assist with job training, education, daily living skills, and support for finding a customized career in the community.