Pathways to Careers
Lay the Foundation → Plan for Services → Build the Skills & Get the Word Out→ Launch Pathways Services → Monitor & Improve Services

Lay the Foundation

The first step in this process is to build agency awareness of, and commitment to, Pathways’ person-centered community employment services. This includes developing an understanding of the Pathways approach – from history to values to standards.

Plan for the Pathways Services

Once the foundation has been laid, an organization must define community and staff roles, build community partnerships, plan for the integration of the Pathways staff, secure funding and decide how to track services and outcomes.

Build the Skills & Get the Word Out

Organizations will need to establish a skilled team of professionals that work together to implement Pathways. This includes identifying possible team members and training them as needed in their respective roles. Additionally, organizations will need to develop a Pathways communications plan and execute at the appropriate time.

Launch Pathways Services

Once the critical elements are in place, including a highly trained and prepared team supported by leadership, organizations can launch Pathways services by beginning to enroll participants, engaging employers and providing services.

Monitor & Improve Services

It is essential for all Pathways partner organizations to assess services and seek opportunities for improvement, sustaining service quality and continuing professional development. This can include participating in a Pathways self-study and/or site review; reviewing data; and sharing successes and challenges.

*Note, the process above highlights some of the steps an organization needs to take to become a full-service destination site. A more detailed, downloadable representation of this process can be requested by contacting us.