Pathways to Careers
SourceAmerica’s Pathways to Careers initiative is based on the premise that the American Dream should be accessible to all Americans, including people with significant disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Currently, only a very narrow path to employment is open to this diverse group of talented individuals, and more than 80 percent of them remain outside the workforce. The Pathways to Careers initiative is helping change that.

Pathways to Careers empowers people with disabilities to pursue their career aspirations and achieve their American Dream by:
  • Creating a new path to employment – one that leads to competitive and integrated employment options
  • Exposing job seekers to a variety of work settings and experiential learning opportunities
  • Providing job seekers with the knowledge, skills and choices they need to find success
  • Engaging employers to host internships, offer employment and provide needed resources for job seekers to achieve full inclusion
  • Matching the right individual to the right job to maximize benefits for the job seeker and the employer
Pathways job seekers benefit not only from these customized employment solutions, but also from the initiative’s resources, information and best practices, which are continually updated based on ongoing evaluations of Pathways services. Because of the Pathways to Careers initiative, the dream of pursuing a meaningful career is becoming a reality, one person, one job, one opportunity at a time.